Five Smart and Cheap Ways to Brand Your Small Business

25 Aug

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Be Unique:

Everything you put out there is a representation of your brand, from business cards, to letterheads, emails and social media post. Make use of great designs for all your communications. We understand good design is expensive but it is needed to build a great brand. Sites like CANVA also offer free design templates you can make use of.


Build partnerships with bigger brands

A tested and trusted way to increase your brand exposure is by partnering with bigger brands with higher brand exposure and brand equity. These brands have bigger budgets than your small business, a partnership with them will not just help you connect with their target audience, it will put your brand next to theirs on publications. With that, you are already on your way to the top.


Use Social Media Like a Boss.

How your business is represented on social media is very essential. Think of this as your free, easy and fast way to connect with your target audience and build a community of followers who believe in your brand. Post every new product on your social media pages, respond to enquiries as fast as possible, offer to help your customers, post quality contents that will keep your brand’s followers coming back.


Make good use of Prints

Prints adds tangibility to brands, it helps people have something to hold even when you are not there. It also helps shows you are serious. Print quality business cards that represent your brands, use flex banners and roll up banners at your events and office locations, make custom clothing for your employees. Ensure your use every physical opportunities to build your brand. We at Printivo have been help small businesses like your create amazing prints at prices that won’t hurt their businesses.


Say Thank You

Customers may forget everything about your business, but they will never forget how you made them feel. One smart way to connect with your customers’ emotions is the use of gratitude. Say thank you to them for using your services, give them gifts and promotional items to put your brand in their daily lives. This is one smart, cheap and effective way keep your brand in your customers hearts.

Always remember: Every great brand started small, the Googles and Apples of today were started in a garage. You can do it. Go our there and be awesome.

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Ten Smart Ways to Market Your Small Business This Month

5 Apr


Forget what you have been doing before… It’s time to fire up your marketing and grow your small business. Our Team came up these ten tips will believe need to apply to your marketing this month and beyond:

1.  Have a Brand:

Your business needs a face and an identity. This is very crucial and obviously the first thing you need to do once you know you in business. Work extensively on how you want to be seen and perceived. Have a professional logo created for your brand.

2.  Go Social

Many small business today still don’t have social media. If you are building a business today without social media presence, you are doing it wrong. Get on the platform that is relevant to your business. For example, if you are into food, fashion, design or any other image driven business, you can’t afford not to be on Instagram.

3. Get a Website

It’s cheaper today to get website than it was three years ago. Get a website right as soon as possible. This will help your business get found on the internet. The internet today is loaded with cheap ways to get great looking website.

4. Use Flyers and Brochures

People believe what they can touch and feel. This is one reason you must never play with the power of print marketing. Create stunning flyers and brochures for your business and hand them out using every opportunity you find. Flyers and brochures help had tangibility to your brand.

5. Attend Networking Events

Connect with other business owners at events, this is very important but usually overlooked. The larger your network, the more opportunity you create for your business.

6. Make Your Customers Your Best Evangelists

If your service is good, customers will tell other potential customer, if it’s exceptional, they will shout and sing about it. Ensure you delivery the very best and then encourage your customers to share and tell friends about your company. The best form of marketing is the one your customers are doing for you.

7. The Business Cards is Still A Magical Tool.

The business card remains a relevant tool in marketing. Every time you hand out your business cards, you telling people “This is what I do and I am very serious about it”. Beyond adding tangibility to your brand. It is a great from of communication. Ensure you have relevant information on your business cards.

8. Use Email Marketing Like A Boss

The guys at Café Neo is obviously the only food brand doing it right for now. Café Neo take your email the first time you place an order and then every time you walk into their outlet, your email is used for your receipt and not just that, they will send you great information on how you can make the best out of your coffee. Now that’s how to keep your customers close

9. List Your Business on Directories

You want to be ensure every time people search for our or services related to what you do, they find you first before finding your competition. This is why listing your business everywhere is a no-brainer.

10. Think Globally.

Today’s business environment is beyond your geographical territory. The internet presents great ways to market your services to people currently within your physical reach. Use every means possible and position your business to receive sales from everywhere.



Six ways to promote your business using roll up banners

24 Feb


1. Take design seriously.

Creating a professional design for your rollup banner is the first step to making it work for you. Make good use of images. If you are in food. Good looking food, drink or anything great picture that represent your products should be used. You can easily buy stock images from sites like or download free from 100% free to use image sites like
2. Use your banner everywhere.

Got a banner? Go ahead and flaunt it. Display your roll up banner In your office, at events, in your shop. The idea is to make everyone see your brand through your banner.
3. Work with a smart budget

Banners are not usually expensive. With as low as N13,500, you can get a nice looking rollup banner from Printivo. Banners usually range between N13,500 and N20,000 but the return investment is enormous.

4. Let your logo fly

Your logo needs to be obvious. Place your logo on the upper part of your banner close to eye level where everyone will see it. Making big enough to be seen from the distance. You are ordering a banner to increase visibility for your brand. Keep that in mind always.

5. Reuse your roll up banner

The awesome thing about roll up banners is the fact that they are reusable and you can take them anywhere with you.




Take These Seven Networking Tips Seriously

17 Feb

Networking is one of the keys to your success as an entrepreneur. While we have all been able to do a bit of these online. Research has shown that showing up at events, conferences and gatherings of like minds within and outside your industry is a smart way to grow your business through the power of networking.

The Printivo put together seven simple and easy tips to make the best out of networking:

1. Networking is not about your business card. One great mistake people make is to think networking is about business card exchange. The idea is to connect with people, your business card is just a tool to create a face for yourself and your business. Focus more on connecting with people instead of just handling out your business cards.

2. Join conversations with respect . Waiting around for someone to actually come to you to start a conversation doesn’t work. Walk up to people and start or join conversations. Ask simple questions like “May I join you” or “What brings you to this event?” Don’t forget to listen intently to their replies. Listen as much as you speak. Networking is not about talking about yourself. It’s more about connecting with like minds for future purposes.

3. Ditch the sales pitch. Hey, you are here to build relationships and now sell yourself. Focus more and that rather than trying to close sales at networking events. One thing we have discovered is that the people who make the best out of networking are those who focus on relationships. Trying to sell to people the first time you met them outs them off.

4. Share your passion passionately. There’s a saying, if you not passionate about what you do, no one else will. When you meet people and conversations are on about your business, idea or anything you represent. Show how passionate you are about it. The enthusiasm in your voice will spread to other. Ensure your are doing this without forcing sales on people

5. Put a smile on your face. If I walk into a room looking for who to talk to, chances are I would work towards the people on whose faces I can see beautiful smiles. You can never go wrong with smile, While this Is often overlooked, it’s one if the reason most people don’t get approached during networking events. Be the awesome smiling person people want to talk to

6. Don’t take over people’s the conversation. When you notice you are the only one talking and every other person is nodding their head. Hello, You have hijacked the conversation. Now this is a point you need to slow down and start listening and be eager to ear from others. Remember, It’s not always about you. It’s about the people you are connecting with it.

7. Show up, Follow up. Showing up at events is one thing, following is another. The key to keeping your contacts close is to follow up and keep in touch. Do ensure you follow up within 48hrs after the event when everyone can still remember every thing.

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Five Great Ways to Market Your Business Better This Week

31 Jan


1. Connect with your old customers
One of the greatest ways to make old customers keep coming back is to continually reach out to them. Pick up the phone and say hello to your old customers and client, send an email or a printed piece of possible. Ask them what you can do to make your products or services work for them better

2. Share what’s new on social medial
Your customers are interested in new products and offering that you have to offer. Share this information with the using social media. Post new products on your Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and Instagram pages. This will help update your customers about new offerings.

3. Educate your customers and share more knowledge
Share knowledge that are very peculiar to your industry with your customers and community. Send out free newsletters and how to do documents to help your customers and believers learn more. The goal here is not to sell but to rather educate your. Don’t ever try to sell with this medium. Educate them instead.

4.Leverage existing relationship.
Write out a list of your most loyal customers, reach out to them and ask for referrals. People are always willing to refer our products and services to friends if the love our brands especially if we can ask them nicely. An incentive for these referrals will not be a bad idea.

5. Go out and network
It’s time to widen your circle of friends, people who know you and people you know. Attend events, make new friends, exchange business cards and remember to reach out. Networking is a very tricky process. Ensure that you are not selling or marketing to anyone when you connect with. Rather have great conversations about things that matter to them. Ask them how you can help, Create great relationships and see the effect it will have on your marketing this week.